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In an effort to implement the Produce Traceability Initiative as outlined in the Action Plan, the following Resources & Tools are available to provide comprehensive background information on each of the steps and best practices to assist the industry in accomplishing the milestones.

Making the Case for PTI

7 Milestones to PTI Implementation

“About the PTI” Flyer (September 2011)

Traceability Frequently Asked Questions

Produce Traceability Initiative versus DataBar

Produce Traceability Initiative eLearning Course

Flash plug-in required for viewing.  Disponible en español.

PTI Industry Presentation Made at Hunts Point Produce Terminal Annual Meeting

PTI Industry Presentation Made at Premier Apple Marketing Cooperative Annual Forum

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PTI Updates

PTI/FYI e-news Quarter 1 2014 - English | French | Spanish

PTI/FYI e-news November/December 2013 - English | French | Spanish

PTI/FTI e-news September/October 2013 - English | French | Spanish

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PTI Journey Takes Publix to Improved Productivity ((January 2012))

"By personally interacting with and providing PTI documents and best practice guidance to our suppliers, we were able to move toward conducting GTIN audits twice a year and implementing vendor scorecards for continuous improvement."

Charlie’s Produce: Path to PTI ((July 2012))

“With our investment in hardware and software, we were able to reduce errors in mispicks and shorts which translates to $500,000 in savings every year,” said Casey Precourt, WMS/Traceability Project Manager at Charlie’s Produce.

Traceability at Darden: Forging Ahead with PTI and Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative ((May 2012))

“By working with our trading partners to implement the guidance that has been created for all the food categories, we are improving product traceability and ultimately enhancing food safety for our customers.”

CPMA/GS1 US/PMA/United Fresh Implementation Survey Summary ((April 2012))

The Produce Traceability Initiative survey finds widespread progress toward all milestones with suppliers leading adoption.  

Produce Traceability Initiative Update (October 2010)

This presentation by PMA provides an update to the industry on PTI.

Produce Traceability Initiative Update (July 2010)

This presentation by PMA explains the genesis and rationale of the PTI’s solution to move the industry from its current internal traceability capability to achieve chainwide (external) traceability via standardized electronic case coding.

CPMA/PMA/United Fresh Statement of Recommitment to the PTI (May 2010)

The Executive Committees of the PTI’s three administering associations have restated their commitment to the initiative, and proposed six recommendations moving forward.

PMA/United Fresh Industry Survey Summary (March 2010)

According to a newly-released survey of companies selling into the United States, seventy percent of respondents are working to implement the PTI milestones.

GS1 US Buyer Survey Summary (March 2010)

A survey conducted by not-for-profit solution provider GS1 US found a majority of buyers are working to implement the PTI, and also offered valuable insight to the PTI leadership on issues and interests facing this segment of the supply chain.

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Best Practices

The following documents were created to assist the industry in voluntary implementation of the PTI and may not reflect all business or regulatory requirements in the marketplace. Users are reminded to ensure that your organization is familiar with all requirements in your target market(s).

Best Practice for Use of Hybrid Pallet Labels by Receivers

Guidance on Benefits of Advance Ship Notice versus Hybrid Pallet Labels

Why and How to Use EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice/Manifest Transaction

Scorecard Interactive Form

Receivers/Buyers PTI Scorecard Report

Growers/Packers/Shippers PTI Scorecard

Best Practices for Private Label/Brand (April 2012)

Best Practices for Repacking/Commingling (March 2012)

Best Practice for Produce Brokers (March 2012)

Best Practices Data Synchronization (March 2012)

Best Practices for Direct Print (February 2012)

Best Practices for Formatting Case Labels (January 2012)

Best Practices for Preparing to Assign GTINs (January 2012)

Best Practices for Product Substitutions (January 2012)

Best Practices for Cross Docking (December 2011)

Best Practices for Formatting Hybrid Pallets Labels (November 2011)

Data Synchronization: Grade Codes (February 2012)

Data Synchronization: Commodity and Variant Codes (February 2012)

Data Synchronization: Growing Method Codes (February 2012)

Data Synchronization: Units of Measure Codes (February 2012)

Data Synchronization: Package Type Codes (February 2012)

Data Synchronization: Country of Origin Codes (February 2012)

Data Synchronization: Worksheet Example (February 2012)

Data Synchronization Template (February 2012)

Guidance on Choosing a Technology Provider (February 2012)

PTI Checklist for Growers/Packers/Shippers

PTI Checklist for Receivers/Buyers

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Traceability Implementation Guides

GS1 Global Fruit & Vegetable Traceability Implementation Guide (May 2010)

This guide documents best practices for implementing traceability in the fresh produce industry and is intended for those responsible for implementing traceability in their company’s operations across the entire produce supply chain. It updates and replaces the CPMA/PMA Fresh Produce Traceability Guide to Implementation v2 (October 2006).

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Company Contacts for PTI

Several produce trading partners are working to implement the PTI with their customers. Please find below a list of receivers/buyers and other trading partners who have provided the PTI with their contact information for their specific PTI lead as well as vendor communications.

Receivers and Buyers:

Company PTI Contact Vendor Communication

Ahold USA

Vanessa Broadnax, Manager. Own Brands Integrity
Phone: 717-960-5729

Charlie’s Produce

Charlie's Produce
Phone: 206-577-9795
November 2011   Vendor Letter


Toni Roberts
Phone: 425-427-7211

Delhaize America

Terri Miller, Manager of Produce
Phone: 709-633-8250 Ex: 3230
August 13, 2012   Vendor Letter

Food Lion

Terri Miller, Manager of Produce
Phone: 709-633-8250 Ex: 3230
February 12 2009   Vendor Letter
September 8 2009   Vendor Letter
2009   Vendor Letter

NPC, Inc.

Michael McCusker, Data Analyst and Compliance Associate
Phone: 972-423-2330


Phil Penny, Vice President Information Technology
Phone: 214-580-7755


Please contact your Publix Buyer for PTI inquiries; Contact information is in the Blue Book.

Buyers are communicating PTI requests directly to all suppliers.

Stater Brothers

Stater Brothers
Phone: 650-264-6402
February 1 2012   Vendor Letter


Michael Agostini, Senior Director Produce and Floral
Phone: 479-277-2896
August 20 2010   Vendor Letter
May 29 2013   Vendor Letter


Bill Pool, Manager, Agricultural Production & Research
Phone: 585-429-3035

Whole Foods

Matt Rogers, Associate Global Produce Coordinator
Phone: 831-419-9060



Jack Hagler, Senior Project Manager
Phone: 831-775-1208


David Best, Director of Software Services
Phone: 407-365-2193

Hugh H. Branch, Inc

Brett C. Bergmann, President
Phone: 561-996-6500

Jac. Vandenberg, Inc.

John Paap, Manager of Food Safety and Compliance
Phone: 914-964-5900


Steve Roosdahl, Director Chain Management
Phone: 604-461-6779

October 6 2011   Vendor Letter
April 23 2012   Vendor Letter

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Voice Pick Code Calculator (Source: HarvestMark)

This tool will calculate four-digit voice pick codes for PTI-compliant case labels.

GTIN Check Digit Calculator (Source: GS1 US)

Note this link will redirect you to the GS1 US website; use the check digit calculator for the PTI-compliant 14-digit GTIN.

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PTI Administration and Operations

PTI Buyer Working Group Informational Flyer

PTI Organizational Chart (August 2010)

The PTI organization began transitioning in August 2010 to allow for more industry involvement. The new structure includes a supply chain-wide Leadership Council, several industry-led working groups to manage key PTI activities, and more.

PTI Working Group Charters (August 2010)

The new PTI organization includes industry-led working groups to manage key PTI activities. This document describes each working group's charter.

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