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Industry News

Whole Foods Request for PTI Labels

As part of a transparency and quality standards program with produce and flower suppliers, Whole Foods Market has announced support for the industry-driven PTI.  PTI compliant labeling on all cases shipped to Whole Foods Market was requested to be aa pre-requisite for supplier participation in Whole Foods Market’s produce ratings system which began in Fall 2014 providing deeper transparency to growing practices for Whole Foods Market shoppers.  Whole Foods Market suppliers can email for additional details.  Traceability technology companies and solution providers can email for additional details.

PTI Updates

PTI/FYI e-news Quarter 3 2016
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PTI/FYI e-news Quarter 4 2015
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FSMA Update

PTI associations submitted comments to FDA on Pilot Projects for Improving Product Tracing along the Food Supply System Final Report - Read comments here and full IFT report here.


In the News

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December 30, 2015

PTI working groups release new guidance documents
September 22, 2015

Safe & Sound: The produce industry prepares for changes in food safety and traceability requirements
July 6, 2015

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