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Avoiding the Category Killer (February 2019)

Is PTI worth the work? FDA, Walmart among those saying yes (June 2018)

How To Achieve Faster, More Precise Recalls (April 2018)

Continental Fresh Adds Traceability Labels To Products (December 2015)

PTI working groups release new guidance documents (September 2015)

Safe & Sound: The produce industry prepares for changes in food safety and traceability requirements (July 2015)

A.J. Trucco’s ‘TruStar’ line of branded products moving strongly (June 2015)

WPVGA: From Field To Fork - We All Have A Stake In A Healthy Food Supply (July 2014)

Produce Traceability for Beginners (July 2014)

FMI: Food traceability requires a common language (July 2014)

Council backs PTI case label implementation (June 2014)

Produce Traceability Initiative changing labeling requirements across the globe (June 2014)

Moving Product Traceability Forward (June 2014)

Food Processors Respond to Product Traceability With NGO Solutions (May 2014)

Chinese garlic scrutiny by U.S. Customs applauded, but system still flawed says shipper (April 2014)

Journal of Food Science: Making Traceability Work (March 2014)

Walmart Is Blazing A Trail In Traceability Standards (March 2014)

How the Produce Traceability Initiative is Helping Food Safety and the Supply Chain (March 2014)

The 40th Anniversary of the Bar Code: An Update from GS1 US (December 2013)

PTI data can be used for much more than traceability (November 2013)

PTI Council supports advance ship notice (November 2013)

Wal-Mart PTI letter sparks retail interest (October 2013)

Angela Fernandez, vice president of grocery retail and consumer packaged goods for GS1 US, discusses industry participation in the voluntary initiative, which seeks case-level electronic traceability for the entire produce supply chain. 

Tracing the Calls (October 2013)

This article focuses on the tipping point that has been reached in the produce industry where a majority are getting behind implementing PTI.

Wal-Mart sets PTI label deadline for suppliers (July 2013)

Fresh produce suppliers who ship to Wal-Mart distribution centers must use case labels that comply with the Produce Traceability Initiative.

Produce Retailers Ready for PTI (July 2013)

The reality of standardized traceability gets closer as major chains announce plans.

PTI leaders pleased by implementation rates (June 2013)

Produce industry works to guide safety legislation (April 2013)

Produce food safety remains a work in progress as the industry seeks to influence writing of the Food Safety Modernization Act’s rules

A nod for PTI (March 2013)

Produce companies know the Food Safety Modernization Act will affect their businesses, but those who invested early in PTI may see their work pay off.

Ed Treacy From PMA On FDA’s Food Traceability Report (March 2013)

Listen to Ed Treacy, Vice President of Supply Chain Efficiencies at the Produce Marketing Association, as he joins AndNowUKnow to discuss the FDA's recent report on food traceability. 

The coming of farm-to-fork traceability (December 2012)

Before long, nearly everyone in the food supply chain should have tools to trace products back to the point of origin. It's the law, and it's good for business.

Shipper finds ways to cut traceability costs (December 2012)

Mandatory practices help ensure safer results (September 2012)

Read this editoral piece outlining why traceability should be mandatory for fresh produce marketers. 

Study finds food companies making progress in implementation of GS1-compliant labeling (September 2012)

FSMA sharpens industry focus on traceability and food safety (September 2012)

Michele Southall of GS1 US explains how the Food Safety Modernization Act is driving traceability and helping to increase food safety in all areas of the foodservice industry.

Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms Invests In SG Systems Produce Traceability System (September 2012)

Read about Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms 4 day journey to become PTI compliant. 

U.S. fresh produce suppliers under pressure to track stock (August 2012)

Get Prepped For PTI (July 2012)

Article detailing industry advancement toward PTI implementation. 

PMA electronic data interchange guide available (July 2012)

A new guide on electronic data interchange is available from the Produce Marketing Association.

Standardized RPC labeling drive endorsed by retailers (May 2012)

Three large retailers have accepted a new label standard for returnable plastic containers, with traceability in mind. Read more by following the link. 

Produce Traceability Initiative Progressing Toward All Milestones (May 2012)

This article explains the results of the PTI Implementation Survey and how it indicates companies are making widespread progress.

PTI: Leveraging your investment in traceability technology (March 2012)

This article explains how implementing whole-chain traceability provides a real return on investment by enhancing visibility and accuracy within your company.

Growers work to meet last PTI deadline (March 2012)

This article highlights progress growers have made to meet the seventh and final milestone for the PTI.

Tracking and Traceability - Playing Together to Link the Chain (August 2011)

This article explains why recent provisions to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) are putting tracking and traceability on the forefront of food safety and enforcing compliance across the entire food supply chain. PTI, the Next Frontier (July 2009)

This article explains why the PTI is needed, and how to get started.

The Packer: Long-term focus needed when weighing traceability costs (June 2009)

Companies pondering the expense of complying with the goals and timelines set forth by the Produce Traceability Initiative should consider the cost of not being involved down the road, said proponents of the initiative.

Food Safety Magazine: What We’ve Learned About Produce Traceability (May 2009)

This article chronicles the status of produce traceability in the United States, including the genesis of the Produce Traceability Initiative.

This piece originally appeared in the April/May 2009 edition, and is reprinted here with permission of Food Safety magazine,