The PTI vision:

Supply chain-wide adoption of electronic traceability

Start Here for PTI Success

The Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) outlines 7 milestones to implementing case-level electronic traceability in the produce industry. On this website you will find the tools and resources you need to implement PTI requirements within your company. If you’re just getting started with PTI implementation, check out the GS1 US company prefix pricing information here and take a look at the milestone-specific resources here.

Next Step: PTI Checklists

If you’re already on your way with PTI implementation, here are two checklists to help you facilitate further progress: Checklist for growers/packers/shippers and Checklist for receivers/buyers.

Join the PTI Buyer Working Group!

To address the remaining implementation challenges for the PTI, the Leadership Council is calling on all buyers supporting the initiative to join the newly forming PTI Buyer Working Group. Learn more here.

    Additional Help

Leadership Council Implementation Updates

PTI Leadership Council companies share their implementation status. Click here.


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