Resources & Tools

In an effort to implement the Produce Traceability Initiative as outlined in the Action Plan, the following Resources & Tools are available to provide comprehensive background information on each of the steps and best practices to assist the industry in accomplishing the milestones.

Making the Case for PTI

Traceability Frequently Asked Questions

SPANISH - Preguntas Más Frecuentes Sobre Trazabilidad de Frutas y Vegetales Frescos

7 Milestones to PTI Implementation

“About the PTI” Flyer (September 2011)

PTI Traceability Frequently Asked Questions

Produce Traceability Initiative versus DataBar

Produce Traceability Initiative eLearning Course

Flash plug-in required for viewing.  Disponible en español.

PTI Industry Presentation Made at Hunts Point Produce Terminal Annual Meeting

PTI Industry Presentation Made at Premier Apple Marketing Cooperative Annual Forum

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Best Practices

The following documents were created to assist the industry in voluntary implementation of the PTI and may not reflect all business or regulatory requirements in the marketplace. Users are reminded to ensure that your organization is familiar with all requirements in your target market(s).

Best Practice for Use of Hybrid Pallet Labels by Receivers (October 2014)

Best Practices for Formatting Hybrid Pallets Labels (October 2014)

Best Practices for Private Label/Brand (September 2016)

Best Practices for Repacking/Commingling (March 2012)

Best Practice for Produce Brokers (March 2012)

Best Practices for Direct Print (February 2012)

Best Practices for Formatting Case Labels (September 2017)

Best Practices for Preparing to Assign GTINs (January 2012)

SPANISH - Best Practices for Preparing to Assign GTINs (January 2012)

Best Practices for Product Substitutions (January 2012)

Best Practices for Cross Docking (December 2011)

SPANISH - Best Practices for Cross Docking (December 2011)

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Guidance for Sharing Traceback Data (September 2015)

Guidance for GLN Assignment (September 2015)

Fruit and Vegetable GTIN Assignment Implementation Guideline (January 2014)

This guide issued by GS1 provides guidance on how to assign a
Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and when to assign a new GTIN. 

Guidance on Benefits of Advance Ship Notice versus Hybrid Pallet Labels (November 2013)

Why and How to Use EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice/Manifest Transaction (Octoer 2012)

Guidance on Choosing a Technology Provider (February 2012)

GS1 Global Fruit & Vegetable Traceability Implementation Guide (May 2010)

This guide documents best practices for implementing traceability in the fresh produce industry and is intended for those responsible for implementing traceability in their company’s operations across the entire produce supply chain. It updates and replaces the CPMA/PMA Fresh Produce Traceability Guide to Implementation v2 (October 2006).

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Data Synchronization

Best Practices Data Synchronization (March 2012)

Data Synchronization: Grade Codes (February 2012)

Data Synchronization: Commodity and Variant Codes (February 2012)

Data Synchronization: Growing Method Codes (February 2012)

Data Synchronization: Units of Measure Codes (February 2012)

Data Synchronization: Package Type Codes (February 2012)

Data Synchronization: Country of Origin Codes (February 2012)

Data Synchronization: Worksheet Example (February 2012)

Data Synchronization Template (February 2012)

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Calculators, Checklists & Scorecards

PTI Online Scorecard

Scorecard PDF Form

Receivers/Buyers PTI Scorecard Report (August 2015)

Growers/Packers/Shippers PTI Scorecard Report (August 2015)

PTI Checklist for Receivers/Buyers (April 2012)

PTI Checklist for Growers/Packers/Shippers (April 2012)

Voice Pick Code Calculator (Source: HarvestMark)

This tool will calculate four-digit voice pick codes for PTI-compliant case labels.

GTIN Check Digit Calculator (Source: GS1 US)

Note this link will redirect you to the GS1 US website; use the check digit calculator for the PTI-compliant 14-digit GTIN.

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E-Learning Module

E-learning modules: Product Identification and Traceability in the Fresh Produce Industry

English: Product IdentificationTraceability

French: L’identificationLa traçabilité


Implementing PTI: Best Practices for Produce Brokers
Recorded on: April 5, 2012

Implementing PTI: Best Practices for Repacking and Commingling
Recorded on: March 27, 2012

Implementing PTI: Best Practices for Hybrid Pallet Labeling
Recorded on: November 1, 2011

Implementing PTI: Best Practices for Retailers
Recorded on: October 6, 2011

Implementing PTI: Best Practices for Case Labeling
Recorded on: September 20, 2011

Implementing PTI: Best Practices for Assigning GTINs
Recorded on: September 14, 2011

Implementing PTI: Best Practices for Packer/Shippers
Recorded on: September 7, 2011

PTI’s 5 Ws (and 1 H): Who, What, When, Where, Why and How
Recorded on: August 29, 2011